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09 Mar 2017 • Mississippi State Capital Jackson, Ms
06 Jun 2017 • IP Casino, Resort and Spa

Planning for 2017 Symposium email Richey Woods if interested in speaking at MATA on any of the following topics: 

1.      New Technologies and techniques in Athletic Training:               i.     Taping and Splinting
ii.Kinesiotherapy ( w/certification)
     ii.     Rehabilitation,
    iii.     strength and conditioning
    iv.     All Helmets Technologies ( not just football) 
2.  Other helmet/equipment removal techniques
3.     Emerging Practices:
       i.     Military AT
       ii.     Industrial settings
    iii.     Role of AT in clinical setting : marketing for these positions, how is can a clinical AT be beneficial
        iv.     Nontraditional settings
c.      Nutrition 
         i.     Eating disorders
         ii.     Supplements**
         iii.     Electrolyte Balance
d.     Anatomy
        i.     Hand Injuries/Treatments/ evaluations
        ii.     Low Back
        iii.     Any presentation on less common injuries
    iv.     Si Joint Dysfunction
         v.     Shoulder Overuse injuries
        vi.     Plantar Plate disruptions of the great
        vii.     Neurological issues that are missed
e.     Documentation:
          i.     “Is SOAP Notes enough legally ?”
          ii.     Injury Tracking
f.      EAP’s
g.     Mental disorders in Athletes
h.     Cross Fit Injuries and mentality
i.       Cheerleading Injuries
j.       Training
          i.     Adolescents training vs overtraining
          ii.     Management of children under age of 14 evaluation/treatment/rehab considerations
         iii.     Performance enhancement techniques in secondary schools
         iv.     Exercise Physiology Updates
k.     Therapy/ Rehab
          i.     Cold Laser Treatment
         ii.     METH vs RICE
        iii.     Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulations
        iv.     Myofascia release tools
         v.     New modalities and updates on old ones
        vi.     Ankle Sprain treatment Heat vs ice?  Is this the new direction of care?
l.       Concussions ***
           i.     Management trends
m.   Non- Orthopedic Issues
           i.     Sickle Cell
           ii.     Abdominal injuries
n.     Generalized AT issues
         i.     Life balance and prevention of burnout ***
         ii.     Ethnic Diversities in profession
         iii.     Review Current and Future Practice Laws, Policies, suggestions, best practices (what is the difference in terms)
          iv.     Updates on ATEP Programs
          v.     AT Salaries compared to other states, how to raise the standards
          vii.     Personal Finance
         viii.     Résumé Building
         ix.     Case Studies

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